Bruce and Bonnie's Unofficial Akro Agate Collectors Page

Akro Agate Tire Ashtrays and Pen Holders
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Goodrich pen holder Goodrich blue/black transparent pen holder. We were able to add this piece to our collection with a little help from Jeffrey Koenker.
US ROYAL United States Rubber CO. Crystal insert with lots of chips hidden by the tire.
US Royal United States Rubber Co. Blue and white marbleized. No black in this one.
Goodrich Goodrich Tire ashtray - Mostly Greenish swirl not the usual blue/black marbleized.
Goodrich Silvertowns Goodrich Silvertowns tire ashtray. Insert is transparent green. 
Diamond Tire Diamond Tire blue insert only. Wish I had the tire too. 
Goodrich Pen Holder Goodrich Pen Holder, orange and white swirled.

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