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This page will be updated often with our most recent finds and what we paid for them. Click on the images to see a larger picture. Please take the time to sign our guestbook.
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Akro Agate Ware Akro Agate Ware advertising ashtray. Looked for one of these for a long time. Thanks go out to Sam Rader. Cost for this piece - one green tumbler.
Candle Holders Pair of tall ribbed candlestick holders. These are really hard to find. They weren't marked with a price and the dealer offered them to my wife for $10.00. She did not turn down the offer.
Soap Dish Blue white and black soap dish. We really dont know if it was made by Akro or not but bought it anyway. Cost $20.00.
Ebay Purchases A couple of pieces we got off Ebay and forgot to add to the page. Black and white narrow ledge vase - cost $57.00 and a crystal hexagonal ashtray - cost $100.00. Both of these pieces are almost impossible to find in these colors.
Votive Holder Pray for Me votive holders. Cost $49.00 for all including a piece of one dug at the factory dump.
653 Planter #653 planter with factory decorations. Neat find for only $30.00.
Japanese Planter Now there's a Japanese Planter in our collection!! Thanks to Al Morin aka "Akro-Al". Al is one of the most knowledgeable people around on Akro Agate products and prices. He welcomes your questions and gives prompt and accurate answers. If you have a question about Akro Agate just CLICK HERE NOW. Oh yea - cost $300.00
1998 Akro Convention We purchased so many things at the 1998 Akro convention in July that I cant list then on this page.If you want to see all of the goodies we got click on the picture to go to our 1998 convention page.
Marbleized Lamp Really hard to find marbleized lamp with shade. Cost $302.00.
June 1st Finally found a few Akro items nothing really special though. Hand vase $10.00, Green 5 dart pot with saucer $25.00, Mr. Boston jigger (not the real thing) .50, Westite marked green ashtray $30.00, thumb pot $20.00 and the cornucopia (yes I still buy them) $3.00.
june6 Findings are slim. Large crystal treasure chest purchased off Ebay $128.00, three dart pot with crack $10.00, #653 slightly marbleized planter $12.00 and planter holder with planter $10.00.
Cold Cream Jar One ounce green cold cream jar. Took the picture beside a thumb pot to show the size. May be Akro maybe not. Cost $160.00. UPDATE It was decided that the green cold cream jar was made in France and is not Akro. Anybody want to buy it for $150.00???
Mexicalli Blue and white Mexicalli jar. Cost $75.00. Thanks Mylo.
Red 3 Rest Ashtray Transparent red three rest ashtray. Cost $157.00.
Black & White Black and white tab bowl. Cost $150.00. Bowls are our favorite!!
Cobalt Footed Bowl Finally there is a large footed bowl in our collection - cost $510.00. Now, where is that Japanese planter?
Apothecary Jar Two tone black and white apothecary jar. May be one of a kind? Let me know. Cost $250.00.
March 16th #311 vase (really hard to find) #320 orange bowl (bowls are my favorite) and a black mortar and pestle in it's original box. Cost for all - $270.00. The brochure in the box is very interesting. Click here to see the front page of the brochure. Click here to see the back page of the brochure. Use your browsers back button to return to this page after viewing. It's a pretty big file and may take some time to load.
Feb. 9th What a weekend! 500 miles and 11 new pieces. Here they are - powder blue bell with a hint of green marbling $65.00, thumb pot with streak of green and flower arrangement $20.00, #317 tab handled vase marked with the crow $25.00, plain mini pot marbleized $25.00, oval planter $7.50, rectangular planter $4.00, green/white cigarette holder $5.00, yellow #320 dart bowl $20.00, black figurine ashtray $15.00, square ashtray $5.00 and a oxblood and white #292 pot for $39.00.
Feb. 1st Ribs and flutes flower pot slightly flared scalloped top fully signed on the bottom. Another great find at the Painted Grasshopper, cost $40.00 - and a white, green and orange cornucopia, cost $6.00
Jan 23rd 2-3/4" cigarette holder - red, white, blue and copper. That's right copper. Look at the top right side and there is a 1/4" piece of what appears to be polished copper embedded in the glass. Cost $87.50.
Jan 18th No. 297 cobalt smooth top graduated dart pot type 1 fully signed $26.00, and a orange three dart pot $4.50. Not a bad day!
Jan. 13th No. 306CF Jardiniere solid white marked with the "Crow" and factory decorated $45.00.
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