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1998 Akro Agate Convention

Following are pictures of our purchases at the 1998 Akro Agate convention. Akro heaven is really what it was. For sale at the convention were footed bowls, one handled baskets, combo pots and just about every rare and hard to find piece you could imagine. A lot was learned about the glass making process and also mold making. Don't miss out on the next convention in the year 2000. Click on any picture to view a larger image.

Japanese Planter Now there's a Japanese Planter in our collection!! Thanks to Al Morin aka "Akro-Al". Al is one of the most knowledgeable people around on Akro Agate products and prices. He welcomes your questions and gives prompt and accurate answers. If you have a question about Akro Agate just CLICK HERE NOW.
New Akro It was determined that these candle holders were made by Akro Agate. There was a crystal one at the convention. We found both of these on our way home for less than $20.00. Keep your eyes open for different colors.
Smokers Set Our first boxed smokers set. Marked #200. Cost $125.00
Flower pots #305 pots smooth and scalloped top. Normally they are fully signed but the scalloped top has a knockout and is only marked with the crow. The center piece is the 4" tall plain narrow band pot. Really hard to find.Click here to see the lifesaver on the inside of this pot.
RO-TRAY Akro made the black insert for the RO-TRAY. It has three rests and a hole in it. Take a cigarette and spin the ashtray and another cigarette pops up. Pretty neat.
More Bowls Bowls are our favorite. All of these for less than $60.00. Check out the yellow #322 stacked disc. Don't see many of them around.
General Stuff Our first Akro knife (thanks to Akro-Al), white #297cf and green 3" ribs and flutes fully signed on the bottom, Grecian urn with souvenir decal (Falls Mill, W. Va.), crystal bell and a white colonial lady.
Ashtrays Three rest plain ashtray marked on the bottom edge with a very small U.S.A. and a two rest green ashtray (thanks to George M.) A gear shift knob made by somebody and a Houze car ashtray. Couldn't pass up these cool looking pieces.
Pots Thumb pot marked Braun and Corwin $20.00, Black #291 pot $10.00, white cap/lid?? not as rare as the sellers on Ebay think and another picture of the green cold cream jar (Made in France)
REX Rex votives. One dark red, one light red and a dark blue one. All for $15.00
Westite Starting to add a little Westite to our collection. Ramses dishes with powder dish in the back (Thanks Charles).
  More Westite Westite creamer and sugar dish and a Westite flower pot.

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