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Akro Agate Powder Puffs and Lamps

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Treasure Chest Akro Agate treasure chests. The smallest chest shown is smaller than any I've seen listed. It measures 3-3/4" x 3" and has the same design as the other chest. The little ashtray in the middle also has the same design
Lidded Powder Jar #323 ivy powder jar with lid. The #323 bowl is pretty easy to find but the lids are really hard to come across.
Apple puff Here is the orange apple puff box along with the crystal one. Back left is a Clarksburg apple with the notch.
Ribbed jars Ribbed powder jars
ringed powder jars Concentric ringed powder jars. When we bought the yellow one it was marked "childs mixing bowl".
Vivaudou Pieces made by Akro and marked "J. V. Co. Inc."
Scotty dog Scotty Dog puff boxes. Very hard to find with good ears. The transparent blue one only has half an ear.
Colonial lady Colonial Lady powder puff boxes. My wife will not pass up on one of these.
Lamps Lousy picture - will try to do better next time
Lamp Lamp with Akro shade. Couldn't get this one off my shelf without risking some damage.

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