Bruce and Bonnie's Unofficial Akro Agate Collectors Page

Akro Agate Flower Pots and Planters

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Granddaddy No. 308 "Grandaddy" pot. These pots are fully signed on the bottom.
Planters Some of our favorite planters. The blue one is filled with cullet found at the old factory
306CF jardiniere 306 CF Scalloped top Jardiniere. This piece is almost translucent. The color is lemonade and oxblood and is well marked on the bottom with made in USA and the Crow
1308 flower pot No. 1308 flower pot
312 vases No. 312 vases. These are pretty hard to find. We found the white one on a reduced shelf and got it for five dollars.
Banded dart flower pots Banded dart flower pots. Only three sizes were made.
1311 flower pot No. 1311 factory decorated flower pot.
1310 flower pot No. 1310 factory decorated flower pot.
Stacked disc pots Stacked disc flower pots.
Pot with penny This is the 2-1/2" stacked disc flower pot. At first we were shocked at the price and then we saw the penny embedded in the bottom.
306 jardiniere No. 306 Jardinieres. One is smooth top and the other is scalloped. Both are marked with a W inside of a diamond.
Thumb pots Thumb pots - everybodys favorite. One was found with a flower arrangement and another has a cactus arrangement. Only the blue and white one is marked "Braun and Corwin".
299 5 dart pots No. 299 5 dart pot with saucers. The yellow pot is the No. 298 plain mini pot.
Ribbed flower pots Ribbed flower pots including the wide band top
Planter holders This picture is really jumbled up but if you look close there are five holders.
Hand Fluted pots No. 307 Fluted flower pots. The white has five flutes and the marbleized has only four flutes.
316 flower vase No.316 vase. As usual as soon as you get the first one another shows up. The green piece is a #314 narrow ledge jardiniere.

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