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Akro Agate Childrens Dishes

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Miss America tea set Miss America tea set with decals. The box lid (not shown) has the clear cellophane in it.
Blue Dishes This was our first boxed set. It's large stacked disc and interior panel transparent blue.
Pink Luster 16 piece set small interior panel pink luster. Only missing the box. Got one?
Green dishes Green and white marbleized small interior panel dishes
Two box sets Small octagonal set and small concentric ribbed set. I think I could use a lesson in Childrens dishes.
Octagonal set Large size octagonal closed handles. Pretty colors.
Teapot with decal Large green octagonal closed handle Teapot with rose decal.
Table of dishes Just a bunch of dishes on a childs play table. We have lots of loose pieces and are running out of space.

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