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Akro Agate Bowls

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Footed Bowl Large cobalt footed bowl. The biggest, most expensive, hardest to find, best looking bowl.
Westite bowl This tab-handled utility bowl is not Akro because there is no rim on the outside edge. Had to show it because of it's great colors.
Blue sugar dish Blue sugar dish marked with the "crow". This is one of our most recent acquisitions. Still looking for the creamer.
Sugar Bowls Blue is supposed to be the hardest color to find. Our friends found two in one day and let us have one of them.
#340 plain bowl No. 340 plain bowl. These have no darts or feet.
No. 340 bowls No. 340 Dart Bowls. The blue one in back was our first piece of Akro
Stacked disc bowls No. 322 stacked disc bowls. The one on the left is type II without feet. We found it in NC on a 25% off sale and paid ten dollars for it.
No. 320 bowls No. 320 ribs and flutes bowls. Bowls are my personal favorite Akro pieces. Still looking for a large footed bowl.
Graduated dart bowls Graduated dart bowls with scalloped tops.
Ribs and flutes bowls No. 320 ribs and flutes bowls again except these are marbleized.
Tab utility bowls No. 321 tab handled utility bowls.

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