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Sam Raders Akro Agate

Recently we were invited to see Sam Raders unusual Akro Agate collection. Sam owns a lot of the pieces shown in the Florence Akro book. We were amazed at what we saw and snapped a few pictures for this page. Learning to use a new camera and a lot of the pictures didn't turn out . Decided to put the best ones on this page for now and maybe he'll give me a chance to take some better ones later. Click on the images to see a larger picture.

Curtain Hand made curtain made from colored glass. Maybe for a door opening or for a fireplace. Also some nice lamps. I should have listened better - I think the curtain is mounted in a box that the workers carried hot pieces in.
Tumbler Sams newly acquired green tumbler on its tray. Both pieces are marked with the crow.
Marbles Some of Sams marbles. Don't know enough about marbles to talk about them.
More Marbles More marbles.
Ashtrays Neat ashtrays. The green and white one is a Atlantic Foundry. Look closely at the blue marbleized ashtray. It is the same size and shape as the bridge ashtray but has a cigarette holder instead of the club shape.
Star WOW! Look at that star ashtray. (Next item on my want list). Check out the transparent blue bell. Sam says it was made by Akro for the telephone company as a handout.
Grandaddy Sorry for the lousy picture but there is a marbleized grandaddy pot shown at the bottom and a smooth very light blue grandaddy, no darts, on the top. The smooth one is only marked with the crow and is not fully signed like most grandaddy pots. Also two Japanese planters, one Akro and one by Westite.
Finger Bowl The tire ashtray has some weird saying on it - can't remember exactly but something about a telephone company I think. Also in this picture is the rare finger bowl and a crystal hex ashtray.
Footed Bowl Marbleized footed bowl. Remember bowls are my favorite.
Mold This is a mold for the small treasure chest. Never knew how the pieces were made until now.
Mold This is what the mold for a rectangular planter looks like.
Mold These molds were for the fine ribbed bell and for a candle stick holder.
Mold This mold was for the #292 flower pot. The plunger still has the part number and the crow on it.

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