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Wow!! Just got back from the Y2K Akro convention in Clarksburg WV. This is the third convention that we have attended. Barely got into our room and unpacked when the trading and dealing began. We ended up with some very nice pieces. The only bad part was that we had to part with some nice pieces to get them. Needless to say everything pictured on our web pages is not still ours but the pictures are and hope you enjoy them. Remember to click on the pictures to see a better view. Bruce and Bonnie

Akroite Akroite On the left is the really rare and impossible to find Akroite advertising ashtray. A close up shot on the right shows the printing. It's even got the crow on both sides. We got this piece unexpectedly from Larry Wells. Larry has all the good stuff!!  

Star Ashtray Star Ashtray Thanks again to Akro Al Morin. We have been looking for a Victory Star Ashtray ever since our collection began. I think there are only three perfect ones around. Ours is not perfect but it is one of the best damaged ones we have seen. Does that sound right?


Tab Ashtray Tab Ashtray I think we were at the right place at the right time when we picked up these short tab rectangular ashtrays. We skipped a meeting at the convention and went to see Roger and Claudia Hardys Antique store. Roger had just put these two beauties up for sale. Why do they always look better on the bottom?


Niagara Falls Candle Holder Found these pieces in Akro Al's room and couldn't pass the up. The urn has the best hand painted Niagara Falls decal that we've seen. Bonnie thought the candle holder was just too cute to leave behind. As usual we also found one on the way home!


Bowls Mexicalli The Mexicalli hat on the left has a Clarksburg West Va decal. Someone wasn't supposed to sell it but he did anyway. We wont name names on this one. I think we got the bowls (our favorite pieces to collect) from Ron and Sue Brenton. They really had a large selection of Akro in thier room.


Pots One Handle Basket Finally got a replacement for our one handle basket. Our first was traded away. This one has a really crooked handle. Akro Al said it was purchased originally from an Akro employee at a backyard sale for 15 cents. It cost me a black and white planter. The red and white flower pot came from the Brentons. We got the others off Ebay.


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